As soon as it became apparent that the novel coronavirus, Covid-19, was going to be arriving in Europe, Principle immediately started looking at initiatives and solutions to support our clients’ needs to protect their workforce and working environments while also prioritizing our team members’ safety. There are plenty of products available but aware that some may do more harm than good, we looked at every aspect of our existing services, spoke with our supply partners and researched global initiatives to help support safe, effective and long lasting sanitisation of both internal and external spaces. 

All Principle team members have been fully trained on all areas of sanitisation. This is an internally certified course that all employees take prior to entering a workplace. From correct PPE usage through to Covid-19 specific safety, ensuring that our staff are wholly equipped to work safely and effectively was a key priority. Our PPE equipment meets all regulatory requirements and is procured from our reputable supply partners.
Researching best in class sanitizing options led us to Zoono. A New Zealand company that has developed a completely safe and environmentally friendly product that can be applied in a variety of different ways and provides extended periods of proven protection, even after further cleaning, against most known pathogens including Covid-19, MRSA, MERS and SARS. The product can provide protection within both internal and external environments and has proven particularly useful.
Validating, in real time, Zoono’s success was key in our decision to recommend and use the product. Both regular and random swab testing using rapid hygiene verification tools allows our team members to quickly identify problem areas and respond immediately, ensuring that surfaces and even equipment passes hygiene standards.

A Blueprint for the Future...

We have all witnessed an incredible pace of change during the pandemic, as Companies are considering returning to work we need to be able to demonstrate that our services can also develop and flex to deliver what is now needed in the future. We quickly recognised that it is not one size fits all, every client is different and we have therefore developed a range of options utilising both people, science and technology to give you every opportunity of getting the right fit for your organisation and giving your staff the confidence they need to return as part of delivering a long term plan going forward.

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a blueprint for the future
a blueprint for the future