Safe Space

It was during the Covid-19 pandemic that we identified a gap in the market – the need for more rigorous, scientific and evidence-based methods – and this led us to create Safe Space.
Safe Space is a new approach utilising science and technology to ensure workplaces are clean and protected, and was created in conjunction with Hygiena and Gem Scientific, manufacturers of industry-leading microbial testing systems.
We see Safe Space as the future; providing flexibility around usage and density whilst embracing science and technology to demonstrate proof of clean environments, mitigate the risk of workplace infection and instil confidence in the workplace.
With a focus on maintaining high levels of surface hygiene, “Safe Space” sets out 3 stages to deliver confidence and safety to the work environment.

Stage 1

Scientific verification using ATP testing will evidence current hygiene practices and demonstrate the impact of building occupancy on surface cleanliness.

Stage 2

We will submit recommendations to enhance the service via a smart reallocation of resources, revised specifications or additional measures.

For example, a long-lasting antimicrobial treatment, delivered via electrostatic fogging, will bring greater and immediate and lasting assurance to building users.

Additionally, “PCS Connect”, our sensor-driven washroom monitoring system enables the smart deployment of cleaning staff against actual footfall. in these areas, with added enhancements for social distancing.

Stage 3

is all about constant and consistent review to ensure we are doing all we can to give you the confidence needed, particularly as building occupancy increases.

Covid-19 and its impact is here to stay. Safe Space by Principle is here to protect, and instil confidence.

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