Technology & Innovation

Passionate about people, sustainability and innovation

We are market leaders at the forefront of technology in the industry.

We are proud to embrace and invest in technology that helps our teams as well as our clients understand all aspects of our work, both what’s going well and where we need to improve.



A secure, cloud-based portal that allows clients, in real-time, to view not only contract information but cleaning and service updates. Tailored to each client, the portal is available on tablets and smart phones as well as desktops and laptops and its intuitive dashboard-style interface empowers fast and informed decisions.

PCS Connect Window Drop Marking

To support the safety and efficiency of our window cleaning team, we developed a real time monitoring system for any planned window clean. The software enables us to manage performance but also pin point challenges ahead of time such as wind direction and weather. 

Window Cleaning Innovation Drop Marking

PCS Connect Washroom Monitoring

PCS Connect is an innovative technology platform which allows us to optimise washroom cleaning schedules, based on footfall and usage. The technology captures washroom footfall on-site using contact and/or movement sensors. This occupancy data feeds into an interactive operative app to align appropriate cleaning resources. PCS Connect also provides tangible real-time data dashboards to monitor activity and identify trends.  We strive to deliver consistently high-quality cleaning standards in an efficient way using objective data via innovative technology. We have recently piloted this technology for a flexible workspace client.

Meet Oscar

“More than just waste… it’s an experience!”

The bin that directs you where to dispose of your rubbish…

With the onus on the consumer to correctly sort recycling material on disposal, we partnered with Intuitive AI to introduce a ground breaking tool that uses visual recognition software and incentives to encourage the correct disposal of waste. Ideal for food courts and office eating areas, OSCAR has been extremely successful in reducing waste, increasing recycling and delivering savings. 

Hybrid Cleaning

Our trademarked system uses a full-time workforce to provide higher service flexibility which encourages continuous improvement delivered around a client’s schedule. 

Photo Specifications

We offer our clients a full photographic portfolio of their service areas. This means we have visual representations of expectations and standards, allowing for greater consistency, auditing benchmarks and it gives our teams the ability to check quality easily via their smart phones. We’ve also found that our teams can collaborate across sites, sharing solutions and successes during unforeseen challenges. 

ICE Co-Botics

ICE Co-Botics has been designed to integrate into cleaning teams, picking up the manual and repetitive tasks, which will then allow operators to focus on hygiene and sanitising activities to promote cleaner and safer environments.

It’s not about replacing people it’s about embracing technology to deliver higher cleaning standards, infection control and “proof of clean”.
The Co-Bots use visual and laser SLAM technology making it the closest to that of humans that exists and the machines are fitted with a raft of camera and sensor technology making it very safe and reliable.