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Window-cleaners should be supported to join the sanitisation programme to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, says the Federation of Window Cleaners (FWC).

It is calling for the government to launch schemes seen in other countries to fight the virus, including disinfecting public places.

The FWC says there are “thousands of colleagues who have van mounted, backpack or water-fed pole systems” to assist with these tasks.

It suggests that the government funds councils to organise local window-cleaners to disinfect public areas, including the areas around shops, hospitals, car parks and public transport facilities.

FWC chair and safety officer and J A Lee managing director Andrew Lee described the suggestion as “a great idea and a great opportunity for FWC members and the industry to contribute to the country’s response to Covid-19. I know my own company has these resources.”

His comments were supported by FWC executive member and OCS director for retail destinations: “The Army does not have the equipment to spray disinfectant in the quantities needed and neither do local councils, but thousands of the nation’s window-cleaners do.

“With the country in such a crisis, we have to think outside the box and use all the resources at our disposal to fight Coronavirus,” he said.

Principle Window Cleaning operations director David Saville said: “We could provide a sanitisation programme in preparation for re-opening of sites.

“It would be great for seating areas, doors, balustrades, smoking areas – any open or public spaces.”

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