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With a drought being declared for many parts of the UK, conserving water is more important than ever.

This has been a priority for Principle for some time now and, thanks to a recently installed filtration system called Reverse Osmosis (RO) at London Bridge City (LBC), our vertical cleaning team has found a way to reuse wastewater for the greater good of the estate’s plants and greenery.

For every 1000L of purified water that is used to clean shop fronts, external receptions, columns and low level glazing across the LBC estate, 250L of wastewater that would usually flushed away is instead used to water the plants and greenery throughout the LBC estate.

This is achieved by the water being pushed through a semi-permeable membrane; which separates contaminants in the water as the membrane acts as a physical barrier and prevents impurities at a molecular level from passing through. 98% of unwanted molecules are filtered and pure water is produced; preventing streaks and watermarks, and the wastewater is put to good use in the name of nature.