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The Principle Safety Champions got together at The Francis Crick Institute for their quarterly meeting this month.

Hugo Brito – Principle Account Manager at The Crick – gave everyone an impressive tour of the building during which everyone learnt that the biomedical research centre houses over 2,000 scientists and students, and that more than 100 research groups are focused on researching the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, infections and neurodegenerative diseases. The team really enjoyed learning about all of the incredible work that takes place at The Crick.

The meeting also took a bit of a competitive turn when they were put into teams and tasked with an accident investigation word search competition and the chance to get super creative making body spillage awareness posters.

Well done to the winning team members Rosa Gingão, Adna Costa, Leonarda Craveiro, Humberto Mesa, Diana Mesa!