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Dear Alex

I know I’m running out of ways to say thank you for your support. I need to get more creative!

The fogging gives the frontline team a much needed sense of confidence when working in their environment and with their equipment. They clean everything as they go along anyway, but it takes away the sense of dread that they might have missed a spot and could end up infecting a vulnerable child. Or staff risk getting infected themselves. Not all our staff are eligible for a vaccine, so nothing changes in the standards of our infection control. But the families really appreciate knowing that we do everything possible to keep them and their children safe.

Adelino is just amazing. Always pleasant, a consummate professional. Again, thank you so much. Our team will put a shout out on social media again. I know the parents always respond when we post to say that we’ve had the building fogged again.

Do let me know if you’d like to visit at any time.

Very best,

Calli Pellegrini, Director of Resources & Enterprise – CPotential